Monthly Archives: December 2018

My Family and Our Romance

Our experiences within our family of origin affects the way we engage in romantic relationships. Have you taken the time to discuss these potential differences with your partner?

Family Communication

Was your family feisty? Or were they quick to sweep things under the rug? How did that affect the family’s expression of affection? Could family members directly ask for what they want? How did your family express anger?

You can learn more about making successful requests here.

Role Division in my Family

Families have their own norms and roles. Roles about who makes decisions, does chores, balances the finances, disciplines, etc. Then there are also expectations about parenting, and gender based independence or privileges.

What was your family experience?

Perhaps there are examples you have purposefully discarded. Perhaps there are aspects that have subconsciously snuck in. There are many ways of doing family and doing relationships. Take some time to learn from your partner. Give each other grace to make mistakes while you figure out what role division works for both of you.

Skill Acquisition in my Family

What did you learn about financial decision making and conflict resolution in your family? And what messages did you receive about enjoying a mutually beneficial sexual relationships?

While comparing notes about your families of origin, you and your partner may learn that you wish to acquire some additional skills. Not just for your benefit, but for the next generation who will be talking about their parents/family of origin one day. Contact me to book your session.

Book Review on Grief: Mending the Torn Fabric

Mending The Torn Fabric (Sarah Braband) is a self-help book for individuals who wish to engage in grief work. The metaphor beautifully describes how loss can be experienced as a tear in the fabric of our lives. Whether you are working through a recent, or long avoided loss, this easy to read book provides stories and tips to help you mend the tear(s) in your fabric. Continue reading Book Review on Grief: Mending the Torn Fabric