Only 24 hours a day

24-hours-symbol_318-38268The person who manages to create longer days will be stinking rich! Until then, we are all subject to the same rule: only 24 hours in a day. For many, the idea of filling 24 hours with productive activity is exhausting. Perhaps you are depressed. Perhaps you are self-employed, unemployed, (f)unemployed. Perhaps you are burnt out. Time scheduling is an easy tool giving you a handle to manage how and where you spend your energy.  

Sleep time

Whether you sleep a lot or a little, we all do need sleep. The general rule of thumb is thatyou need approximately 8 hours sleep every day. How much (or how little) you sleep is an easy tell tale sign of your current mental health. If you are burning the candle at both ends, it is very likely that you are stealing from your sleep time. If you are depressed or avoiding some anxiety, you could find yourself engaging in hypersomnia (too much sleep).

So let’s say you put aside 8 hours in your daily schedule for sleep, that will leave you with 16 hours.

Work time (occupation)

Be it corporate or home executive, we all have some type of occupation filling our day with an element of meaning. Generally, another 8 hours of your day. If you are (f)unemployed, schedule 8 hours into your daily schedule where you are actively seeking employment. You could break down the 8 hour day into shorter 2 hour slots:

  • Hunt and apply for jobs online
  • Develop your skills (e.g. attend a class, practice your skill on a voluntary basis)
  • Work on a business proposal
  • Get out there for some face to face networking

By using a time schedule to plan how much time to spend on work, you will be able to do a quick evaluation of your mental wellbeing (e.g. if you are overworking and over committing or if you are struggling to meet your targets and work a full day because your are lacking in drive and motivation).

Self-care time (basic needs)

You have 8 hours left of the day and you have not yet eaten, cleaned, budgeted or incorporated travel time into your schedule. When you consider grocery shopping, food preparation, and chores, it is not that much of a stretch of the imagination to set aside 4 hours a day to attend to these tasks. If you are working full time, you may find that you need to use more weekend time to address some self-care needs.

Fun time

The last 4 hours of your average day is for fun and relaxation. This could incorporate exercise, socializing, date nights, spiritual growth, hobbies, etc. If you find that you do not have 4 hours left at the end of all that scheduling to spend solely on fun and relaxation, I challenge you to make some of your chores fun and relaxing by e.g. listening to music or an audio book while commuting to work; making food preparation a fun date night moment while the children are in the bath; or making your shower 2 minutes longer so that you can indulge with a splash of your favourite soap.

Are you overcommitted? Overwhelmed and unmotivated? Are you out of your normal rhythm after a recent life changing event such as changing jobs or growing your family? I challenge you to download a schedule here and evaluate your current wellness with a quick snapshot. For more input or any questions, please do contact me to make an appointment.