ABC, do re mi, CBT!


Even if you don’t believe that life is a musical, Maria taught the Von Trapp children a principle that also applies to psychology: ABC, do re mi, CBT!

So what are the ABC’s of therapy (specifically in CBT/REBT)?

A: Activating event

This is the trigger is you like. It can be an internal or external stimulus e.g. something happening, an unwelcome thought, or a bodily sensation.


B: Beliefs

I would like to call these IRRATIONAL beliefs, because they tend to create all kinds of unhelpful consequences at C.

C: Consequences

These consequences refer to the things you do and don’t do in response to the irrational beliefs. It can be behavioural (e.g. withdraw, avoid, fight), relational (e.g. strain on specific relationship), emotional (e.g. anxiety, depression, anger), or physiological (e.g. heart rate, breathing, trembling).

It is important to note that it is not A that causes C, rather it is B that causes C. We cannot always wave a magic wand and make A magically disappear. But what therapy can do is help you to change how you THINK about it.

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In the meantime, enjoy Maria and the Von Trapp children’s song! Use it as inspiration to practice ABC, do re mi, CBT.