Book Review on Grief: Mending the Torn Fabric

Mending The Torn Fabric (Sarah Braband) is a self-help book for individuals who wish to engage in grief work. The metaphor beautifully describes how loss can be experienced as a tear in the fabric of our lives. Whether you are working through a recent, or long avoided loss, this easy to read book provides stories and tips to help you mend the tear(s) in your fabric.

Tears can be Mended

When grief is overwhelming, it can seem as if this insurmountable pain will cripple you forever. Sarah encourages readers to own their hurt (only they know the size of their tears) and take responsibility for their mending. You are the most familiar with your fabric (your life).

Multiple Tears

When an important person dies, you may be faced with more than one tear: there is the loss of the person, but also a loss of self. Furthermore, you may find earlier tears in your fabric. You don’t have to fear these new or old tears. It took strength to conceal those tears in the past and that same strength will be useful in mending it now.

Mending Well

Sarah gently reminds her readers to take all the time they need to mend their tears. This mending process is a gift to self and those around you. Mending can’t take place within guilt or shame, so avoid those shoulds, musts, oughts, have tos, if onlys, and buts. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them.

I love that you don’t have to finish mending to start embroidering!

Should you need help in mending your fabric, please do contact me for a session. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. You are responsible for finding the help you need.