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Corona: Discipline, don’t destroy

Discipline is more than a once off intervention. It is an ongoing display of secure boundaries and consistent consequences. In this stressful time, children may be picking up on our anxiety and the changes in routine which may lead to a greater need for these displays of love (i.e. secure boundaries and consistent consequences). Here is a quick review of discipline strategies. Continue reading Corona: Discipline, don’t destroy

Corona: Keeping parents out of jail

COVID 19. Working from home. Children too! Yikes! What are you going to do!?

Having our children home for the next few weeks can seem so daunting. Before placing our COVID 19 anxiety and work-from-home-parenting-stress on our children, let us not forget the privilege of spending time with them. A few quick activity ideas to keep the children out of mischief and keep you out of jail. Continue reading Corona: Keeping parents out of jail