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I am passionate about making health care more accessible. I am convinced you did not know about these excellent resources doing just that! But before you download that app, or read that book, or visit that NGO: let’s consider the risks and benefits associated with that free resource.

Resources for negotiating date night

Whether you read research articles or cosmopolitan magazine, you will be familiar with the importance of spending time with your partner. Whether your relationship is new or established, flourishing or estranged, finding creative strategies to spend time together can be a challenge. Here are a few resources that can help you get inspired to engage in a regular date night ritual. Continue reading Resources for negotiating date night

Only 24 hours a day

24-hours-symbol_318-38268The person who manages to create longer days will be stinking rich! Until then, we are all subject to the same rule: only 24 hours in a day. For many, the idea of filling 24 hours with productive activity is exhausting. Perhaps you are depressed. Perhaps you are self-employed, unemployed, (f)unemployed. Perhaps you are burnt out. Time scheduling is an easy tool giving you a handle to manage how and where you spend your energy.   Continue reading Only 24 hours a day