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With so many resources available to you how do you know which ones are worth reading? I provide an overview of some self-help books demonstrating how it does/not link to psychological theory.

Book Review on Grief: Mending the Torn Fabric

Mending The Torn Fabric (Sarah Braband) is a self-help book for individuals who wish to engage in grief work. The metaphor beautifully describes how loss can be experienced as a tear in the fabric of our lives. Whether you are working through a recent, or long avoided loss, this easy to read book provides stories and tips to help you mend the tear(s) in your fabric. Continue reading Book Review on Grief: Mending the Torn Fabric

Toxic childhood: Book review

A few years ago I stumbled upon a book that speaks to adult children. Entitled Toxic Parents (Forward, 1989) it describes various situations where scared/powerless children are stuck inside adult bodies still trying to please their parents. Chapters cover a range of topics (below) and end with recommendations on reclaiming your life (and not repeating your parents’ mistakes). A short summary of this book review: Continue reading Toxic childhood: Book review