Staying motivated

It’s the new year. You have committed to being a fitter healthier you, which included new running shoes and an expensive gym membership. But, real life has swung into action and the goals you set feel impossible to reach. And you






Follow these steps to increase your motivation:

Review your goal

Start by identifying how you would like things to be different. Perhaps you can break it down into smaller more manageable parts. It is also helpful to remind yourself about the reasons that motivated you initially.

Identify obstacles

Identify the things standing in your way. As much as there are benefits to change, it remains a challenging feat. If it was easy, we’d all be able to kick those nasty habits! The reason it is so difficult is because there are benefits to things remaining the way they are. It’s comfortable, familiar, requires less effort, and the immediate consequences of the trajectory not all that negative.

Learn from success

Learn from the times you have been successful. When are you most likely to engage in the new behavior? What have you tried before to make change? Affirm those wins, no matter how big or small. By celebrating each victory, you become more confident that you will be able to ultimately succeed.

Keep the end in mind

Being able to recognize the problem and appreciate the long term consequences of current behavior are good starting blocks. Add to that a good dose of intent and optimism and you are ready for takeoff. Be kind to yourself, because change is challenging!