At this point in time I offer psychotherapy for adolescents and adults across a wide range of challenges. If you are suffering, I would like to help!

Anxiety-and-mood-disordersPSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS
Especially anxiety and mood disorders

If you are experiencing depression, managing mood swings, at the mercy of anger, overwhelmed by anxiety or fear, crippled by phobia, or labelled with a psychiatric diagnosis, make an appointment and discover firsthand the benefits of psychotherapy in managing these symptoms.

adjustment-disorderSTRESSFUL EVENTS
Especially PTSD and adjustment disorders

My experience (volunteer, research, clinical) has often focused on crises and potentially traumatic events such as rape, grief and loss, crisis pregnancy, abortion, and chronic illness. In all likelihood you are incredibly resilient and may simply need a supportive person to go on the journey with you.

Especially in couples and families

Those closest to us often hold the key to bringing out the most undesirable aspects of our character. Add challenges like divorce, infertility, communication breakdown, boundary betrayal, or sexual dysfunction and you are in the ideal (albeit unpleasant) position to grow. Make the most of it!coping-skills

Especially addictive behaviour

In today’s stressful environment we all need to add diverse coping resources to our tool kit. Should you be in search of additional tools, or wishing to replace existing harmful behaviour such as substance misuse, gambling, self-harm, eating habits or hoarding, give me a call.