Wellness as a pizza

Wellness is more than physical or mental health. It refers to holistic wellness – satisfaction with a variety of domains in your life. How well are you? How do you figure it out? And what do you do with that information?

Identify your wellness domains

Many aspects contribute to our sense of wellness. A sense of balance and satisfaction across these multiple domains are what we are aiming for. So, what are the most important areas in your life? And what are the building blocks that contribute to wellness in this area? Here are some examples:

  • Social can be subdivided into partner, family, children, friends, colleagues, etc
  • Intellectual can be subdivided into job, studies, new hobbies, career progression, etc
  • Physical can be divided into sleep, exercise, diet, posture, etc
  • Emotional can be divided into mental health, emotion management, habits, etc
  • Finance can be subdivided into wealth, planning, debt, saving, etc
  • Spiritual can be subdivided into religious practices, engaging in community, serenity, etc
  • Environmental can be subdivided into household chores/renovations, recycling, engaging with nature

Maybe there are important areas in your life not listed here. Be sure to add them to your inventory!

Draw a wellness wheel

Draw a circle and divide it into equal parts reflecting the most important domains in your life. The centre of the circle represents zero satisfaction and the outer rim of each segment represents 100% satisfaction with that domain. Shade each segment (pizza slice) from the centre outwards reflecting your level of satisfaction with that domain in your life. Remember that this activity does not reflect on how much time you spend on the domain (e.g. exercising for 5 hours) or how successful you are in the domain (e.g. saving 99% of your income). It is more about how satisfied you are (not your friends and family) about your performance in the domain.

Reflect on your wellness

Once you have completed your wheel, you may find these reflection questions helpful:

  • What would happen if the wheel on my car looked like this?
  • What is the next step in (insert domain here) to increase my satisfaction a fraction?
  • What is standing in the way of me taking that step?
  • I vow to (insert action step here) by (insert date here) and (insert a friend’s name here) will hold me accountable

For support in reviewing and adjusting your wellness, please contact me.